So I flip the channel and see a naked guy try to start a campfire.

This is on basic cable.

Now, why would a guy want to be naked and try to start a campfire? Especially with a TV camera pointed at him? And with a naked woman next to him tossing twigs in the fire.

Yea, there’s a naked woman with a naked guy squatting over a fire. I assume she’s naked. There are blurred lines just where you’d expect there to be blurred lines. On both of them.

Except on their behinds.

I could think of lots of reasons why a guy wouldn’t want to be naked, trying to start a fire. None of which has anything to do with his not having matches, a lighter or pockets.

Knowing what kind of a klutz I am, I wouldn’t want to be squatting naked, rubbing two sticks together in hopes of starting a fire. And the risk of something bad happening gets worse if you do start a fire.

But apparently the Discovery Channel’s “Naked and Afraid,” where a man and woman romp naked in the jungle, trying to survive 21 days in the elements with nothing more than the dirt on their backs and bugs on their body and has some anticipation appeal.

Will they find food? Will they fall in love? Will they remember the Boy Scout warning: “Leaves of three, let them be”?

While the chances of our naked survivalists hooking up are rare — no brushing or flossing for 21 days — things are different for couples in another in-the-buff reality series, VH1’s “Dating Naked.”

In the show that gives new meaning to the term looking for love — or just looking — very attractive, physically fit young men and women (no gravity-challenged baby boomers here) shed their clothes and inhibitions at a tropical resort and date two different, naked suitors and each other. At the end of the episode the two single romance seekers decide if they are happy with their prospective love matches. How?

By naked dating.

They dine naked, swim naked, play tennis naked, ride horseback naked and what might be the greatest insult on television, two folks get rejected while naked. Ouch!

As odd as it might be to watch naked survivalists and naked daters — that’s assuming you do think it’s a bit odd — even the most open-minded soul has to be scratching his or her head, or whatever else, when hearing about the very latest in the naked genre series, TLC’s “Buying Naked.”

Here dressed Realtors take clothing-optional clients, who more often than not opt to go buffo, shopping for their nudist community dream house. Is there anything more exciting on television than watching a nude couple talk about their escrow account?

Imagine the future skin-in-blur reality shows:

“Naked Kitchen Nightmare,” where chefs share a skewer.

“The Real Naked Housewives of Beverly Hills,” where women shed their makeup and egos.

“The Naked Amazing Race,” where contestants figure out where to keep their passports.

Anything but “Naked Ice Road Truckers.” I worry about frostbite.
Barry Lewis is the executive editor of the Times Herald-Record