My iPhone 6 Plus arrived in the mail last night, so I'm currently within the first few minutes of playing around with it.

This was the first iPhone that I ever ordered online my previous ones I bought in the store and so it was the first time I've activated one myself. That turned out to be a breeze, so that was cool. Restoring my contacts, photos, and apps via iCloud also worked very nicely.

Anyway, the iPhone has never been particularly good at capturing images in low light. But it's instantly clear that the new iPhone represents a major advance on this front.

Here's a photo I just took of myself at my computer, looking at a mirror across from the room. It's still very dark in my apartment.

In the photo, you can clearly see me, my eyes, the cabinet to which the mirror is attached, the art on the wall behind me, and the ironing board on the left.

Now here's an identical photo I took with my iPhone 5. My eyes are blurry. It's hard to see the art on the wall. You can't see the ironing board, etc. In this photo, the Apple logo on my laptop just looks like a glowing blob, whereas on top you can kind of make out the logo (of course it's not perfect).

Anyway, I'm already excited by how big of an upgrade this is.

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