Sweatpants are often associated with sloppy style.

Public Rec is a clothing startup aiming to change that with a dressed-up men's sweatpant, which the company calls the "All Day Every Day Pant."

Founder Zach Goldstein told Business Insider the idea occurred to him in college, when he was often wearing ill-fitting lounge wear.

Goldstein, an investment banker who formerly worked at JP Morgan and a private equity firm in Chicago, said he didn't feel comfortable wearing his lounge clothes outside the house.

He quit his job at the private equity firm so he could solve this problem. 

The target customer is a "30- to 35-year-old educated guy," according to Goldstein. "Hes athletic or hes into sports ... Hes probably a guy that maybe lives an urban life but would like to be more outdoorsy."

But mostly, he's "a guy who cares somewhat about how he looks and wants to be comfortable, but still wants to look nice when he leaves the house," Goldstein said. 

He said these sweatpants are optimal for running errands, going to brunch, or going to the movies. 

Goldstein points out that what makes these sweatpants particularly unique is that, rather than being available in sizes small, medium, and large, they are available by waist size and length much like jeans or dress pants for an optimal fit.

Public Rec has a Kickstarter through July 18, although it has already surpassed its funding goal of $15,000.

The retail price of the sweatpants is $95. (For comparison, Lululemon's "ABC" pants are $128.) They are not available in stores, and Goldstein plans to keep them available as a direct-to-consumer product for now. Rather than have these sweatpants be sold at a large retailer, Goldstein stays that ultimately he'd like to "try to open [his] own store down the line."

Goldstein told Business Insider he's already started working on a T-shirt and a sweatshirt, and "the goal is to have an entire collection."

The market for male athleisure certainly exists.

Lululemon is trying to appeal to men with products like their "ABC" pants, among other items. 

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