Dear Dave,
What is your opinion of churches encouraging members to do e-giving with credit cards and debit cards?
Dear Melissa,
Iím against debt, so Iím not particularly fond of churches asking people to use a debt vehicle to pay their tithes. I realize that few businesses and organizations distinguish between debit cards and credit cards when accepting payment. However, this practice bothers me a lot when it comes to churches. The Bible mentions debt several times in Scripture, and every time it does, itís always in a negative light. Itís not a salvation issue or anything like that, but the Bible basically says debt is a foolish thing.
Now, I think e-giving in itself is fine. But if I were the pastor or on the leadership board, and we had an e-giving process, I would strongly encourage people to use debit cards and not credit cards. Thereís nothing wrong with a draft or an ACH kind of thing. A lot of people do that and like the ability to give online.
But I donít want a giving situation to your church turn into debt to you. And it does just that when itís a credit card!
ó Dave

Donít insure cellphones

Dear Dave,
I just bought a new smartphone, and the company Iím with offers insurance for the device. Do you think it would be wise or foolish to do this?
Dear Lisa,
The purpose of insurance is to transfer a risk that you canít afford to take. When it comes to things like cars or houses, I absolutely recommend that people have insurance. Most folks couldnít just write a check for another car if the one they drive were totaled. Itís the same with a house. If your home is destroyed, the insurance takes care of things instead of putting you in the position of having to pull tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars out of your own pocket for a new homeóalso something most people canít do.
No, I donít insure inexpensive things like smartphones. And if a smartphone is an expensive item to you, then you probably shouldnít have that phone. I mean, thereís nothing wrong with having a cell phone if you can afford it. But if you tear up a phone or it breaks down and you canít afford to replace it out of your own pocket, then youíve got too much phone!
ó Dave
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