Students at Geneseo Middle School are off to the races with the ninth-annual On the Same Page community-wide book selection.

Students at Geneseo Middle School are off to the races with the ninth-annual On the Same Page community-wide book selection.

This year the student committee selected “Ghost,” written by Jason Reynolds..

“Ghost” is the first book in his “Track” series that focuses on middle school runners, according to Jeanne Brucher, teacher-librarian at both Geneseo Middle School and Geneseo High School.

Brucher said the student selection group chose the book because they felt students could identify with the main character, Castle, (nicknamed Ghost), who wants to do the right things, but often finds himself in trouble.

Becoming part of an elite junior track program helps him challenge himself as he becomes part of a team for the first time in his life.

“As a parent of a track athlete, I found the descriptions of their workouts to be right on the money,” Brucher said.

River Poston, seventh-grade reader said, “I think reading ‘Ghost’ would encourage kids to exercise and get out more.”

However, the student readers point out that you don’t have to be a runner to enjoy “Ghost,” which is described as a “quick read.”

“Both our student and teacher readers have been rushing in to check out the second book in the series, ‘Patina,’ to find out what happens next,” Brucher said.

Through the support of the Geneseo Education Fund, Geneseo Kiwanis, and the Middle School/High School PTA, there is no cost to participate in the program. Free copies of “Ghost” have been made available at various locations in Geneseo.

People who take copies of the book are encouraged to share the book with others when they finish reading it in hopes that the books will circulate throughout the area. Books also can be obtained and/or returned to the Geneseo Middle School office during regular school hours.

This year’s program will conclude with a celebration at the GMS track meet on Thursday, April 5, at the Geneseo High School.

Marcie Reakes, sixth-grade language arts teacher and high school girls’ track coach, is excited about the book/track dual celebration.

“Since the book is about running track, the OSP kids want to invite the community to experience a middle school track meet for themselves. We can’t wait for the opportunity to run on the newly renovated Geneseo High School track.”

Special book activities are planned during the track meet.

“The On the Same Page program shows that no matter what your age, a good book is a good book,” Brucher said. “Over the last nine years, many families have spent quality time together reading the selected books.”

The reading committee recommends this year’s book selection for readers ages 10 and up.

For more information about On the Same Page and the April 5 celebration, visit or contact program coordinators Brucher or Reakes at the middle school.