Trees and History: Out of the Box

Richland County Ag in the Classroom students were excited to see the Breakout Box arrive in their classroom in December! The students enjoyed working out puzzles, solving riddles and sifting through educational information for clues to unlock the locks on the Breakout Box.  All County 4th graders as well as St. Joseph School 3rd grade and 5th grade, and East Orchard first through third graders focused on Christmas Tree Farms, to open the box they had to identify different types of conifers, put the life cycle of a Christmas tree in order, and complete a quiz about tree farms. RCES 5th graders and East Orchard 4th and 5th graders celebrated Illinois’s 200th birthday by focusing on Illinois history, to open the box they had to solve a riddle, complete a math problem about candy that is made in Illinois and find clues in the brand new Illinois History Ag Mag. All classes were able to open the box and enjoy a sweet treat for their efforts!