GENESEO — Southwest Elementary School parents put in the hard work ... and come fall, their children will be able to play.

The Southwest PTA recently presented a $42,700 gift to the Geneseo School District. The funds will be used to purchase new playground equipment at the school.

“During Southwest Elementary School’s expansion, a section of the playground was removed and was unable to be reinstalled being as it was made of wood and was outdated,” said Anne Nelms, a member of the PTA’s playground fundraising committee. “The PTA decided this equipment needed to be replaced to support the 370 Southwest students who use the equipment every day.”

The group’s goal was to raise $35,000. To do so, they hosted the school’s first-ever carnival in 2018. That was followed by a summer ice cream social and then a fall Walk-A-Thon.

Added to those efforts were donations from the Geneseo Foundation and Geneseo Kiwanis Club.

“We were amazed at the generosity of Southwest families. Between the Walk-a-Thon, grants, PTA carnival and some PTA savings we were able to raise $42,700 towards a new playground structure and replacing other outdate pieces,” said Nelms.

The school district will assist with the installation cost and will add wood chips for the structures.

The new playground pieces will be installed during the summer.

“The new playground is ADA accessible and will be located to the east of the current structure. The three individual pieces will replace outdated pieces to the west of the current playground,” said Nelms.

“We had a great playground committee that put a lot of time and effort into raising the money and purchasing the equipment,” said Southwest Elementary School principal Brian Hofer.