The Galva School Board approved their tentative budget with $6,514,624 of revenue and $7,551,628 of expenses. The board set September 23rd at 6:55 p.m. as the budget hearing in the Galva Junior/Senior High School Library.

The board set Sunday, May 17, 2020 as high school graduation.

The board unanimously approved goals for the Galva school district:

*Principals will work with teachers to implement the new ELA curriculum with fidelity across grade levels, and will actively communicate with teachers to problem solve issues as they arrive.

*Facilities Projects will be scheduled with project expenses ranging between 200K and 300K. Projects will be selected by the Board with the input already collected by the Facilities Working Groups.

*Galva School District will keep its community informed about positive accomplishments, timely events, and critical issues.  Expanded use of the district website will be the primary vehicle for enhanced communication.

*The Superintendent and Administration will investigate models for a Grow Your Own Teacher Program, and work with the Board to shape a program which will work for our district.

*The Board will proactively work together to facilitate an efficient transition as Central Office personnel change.  Plans should pair fiscal responsibility and effective personnel replacement strategies to best move the district forward.

Superintendent Doug O’Riley said that all of the  rooms at the junior senior high school have air conditioners in them.

He also noted that the Galva district will provide snacks to all students in K-grade 2 on days that school starts at 8 a.m. and goes to 3 p.m. This is at no expense to the parents.

The Galva School board approved the following employment items:

*approved Chance Jones as head baseball coach for  the 2020 season

*approved Drew Cotton as the assistant baseball coach for the 2020 season

*approved Heather Sellers as first grade teacher.

The district’s attorney was present and told the board that they do not need to approve resignations. The resignations are Steve Osborne as head softball coach,  Lindsay Osborne as asst. softball coach and  Mark Jeffrey as 8th grade boys’ basketball coach and as varsity girls’ track coach.