Osco-Andover firefighters and their families as well as retired members and families
celebrated the 75 th anniversary of the Fire Department at a dinner in the Andover Fire

Firefighters and children received an anniversary T-shirt commemorating the event.
Chief Roger Stancliff presented a program tracing the history of the department and
how fire fighting and equipment has changed through the years.

“Utilization of grant programs to acquire equipment along with fundraisers, and very
generous donations form people in the community have been very beneficial in helping
the department purchase needed equipment,” Stancliff said.

He traced the history of the department and said the first station was built in 1947-1948
in Osco, with an addition to the station in 1983 that provided a pass-through joining the
two stations.

In 1950, a station was acquired in Andover and in 2001, that building was razed and a
new station constructed.

The department’s first truck was a 1945 Chevrolet purchased at a cost of $6,729,
Stancliff said. “Today, the department operates with two pumper trucks, two tanker
trucks, one rescue squad and two brush trucks.”

There currently are 33 members of the department – 15 in Osco and 18 in Andover.
Ambulance needs are served through a contract with the Cambridge Ambulance