The Geneseo School Board met September 12 at 5 PM, at the District 228 office on Chicago Street.

Supt. Adam Brumbaugh indicated that he, and staff, had reviewed the recent Audit findings and that they were"outstanding." The results will be finalized, and presented to the public, for the October 10 meeting.

The Board also approved the final FY20 Budget, which was previewed in the August 16 Republic, on a 6-0 vote. It was a balanced budget, and there was no board dissent or discussion on line items.

The Board heard presentations about online registration, insurance options from Cottingham and Butler, and vocational education from HS Principal Travis Mackey, and MS Principal Nathan O'Dell.

Compliance with the Springfield Illinois Democrats' minimum wage increase was discussed by Dr. Brumbaugh. He indicated the upcoming $11 hourwage would require an 8% payroll increase, costing the District $19,500. "It is an unfunded mandate and we should be concerned about it, and keep a close eye on this." 

School Board President Barry Snodgrass reported on a few items. One was BHASED, which handles Special Education for a consortium of schools, including Geneseo. Mr. Snodgrass indicated that 55 students are being schooled at EXCEL, a high school specializing in behavior disorders. They use the old Atkinson HS, and the Tiger logo was recently restored on the gym floor, Mr. Snodgross reported.

He also said that the two old Kewanee boilers at the HS need replacing. They were installed in 1952 and 1968. To replace them with 5 new high effciency boilers, the cost will be $800-900K. The district plans to issue debt certifcates to pay for the project, rather than increase the tax rate or levy. It is expected that utility costs will go down $60-70K a year with the new HVAC system installed.

Mr. Tim Gronski, CSBO, indicated that the projected tax levy in December would result in an increase of "about $12 per year per house."

In other business, Board Member Kyle Ganson asked to have the approval of a new Dungeons and Dragons Club at the HS removed from the agenda. The game, very popular in the 1970s and 80s, is a role playing fantasy game that has experienced a revival in recent years. "I'm not for it or against it, I just have some questions and concerns," Mr. Ganson said.

Board Member Karen Urick was absent.