A recently-penned book will most certainly bring tears to those reading it as it shares
the story of a disabled little girl named “Suzie,” told through her mother’s eyes.

The author, Ginny Pettit, is wife to Bob Pettit, mother of six children and grandmother
of 14. The Pettit’s daughter, Joey Pettit, is the illustrator of “Inside Suzie.”
Ginny Pettit descries her book as “an imaginative story about the inner feelings of a
beautiful, severely disabled little girl named Susie. Although communication is difficult
for her, Suzie has been given a very special gift. Her spirit is filled with love, patience,
and joy.”

Pettit said she wrote “Inside Suzie” based on the first 10 years of her daughter’s life.
“I wanted to capture the essence of her spirit,” she said. “She was able to touch our
entire extended family with her smile and her cute mannerisms. Although she was never
able to communicate verbally, she would often make her needs and wishes known to us
through facial expressions and gleeful squeals of excitement of shrieks of dismay.”

She first wrote the book about 10 years ago but didn’t pursue sharing it with others
except with family and friends …” One of my hesitations in pursuing publishing the book
was the need for an illustrator. I wanted someone that could capture Suzie’s mannerisms
and convey the love that our family felt for her.”

About five years ago, Pettit approached her daughter, Joey Pettit, and asked her to do
the drawings.

“Although this would take her a bit out of her comfort zone as a graphic artist, she was
willing to take on the project,” her mother said. “I feel she truly made the story come to
life with her spot-on illustrations.”

“Many family members have told me that Suzie was instrumental in teaching them how
to share their feelings and affection with others,” Pettit said. “Because of her special
needs, Suzie was always available to talk to, to hug and to share a smile with.”

“Our daughter Suzie was an important member of our family and taught us all so many
life lessons. Over the years we went through a whole gamut of emotions from shock over
her diagnosis, to denial, grief and finally acceptance that she was a gift from God, made
in His image and truly a blessing.”

Pettit said her hope for the book is that it will be a comfort and encouragement to
parents, grandparents, extended families and friends of special needs of children

“If this story book helps children and their families to realize the many gifts their
disabled classmates possess, perhaps in some way Suzie’s gentle spirit will bring a sense
of kindness, compassion and love into the world,” she said. “Suzie passed away in 2014
at the age of 40 and her memory is cherished by all who knew and loved her.”

-------A book signing event to meet the author and illustrator will be held from 1 to 3 p.m.
Sunday, Sept. 29, at the Call to Victory Center (The Vic), 218 South State St., Geneseo.
Anyone interested is welcome to bring their book to be signed or purchase a copy of the
book that day. The book also is offered for sale at Pegasus- Fine Gifts in downtown
Geneseo; or online at Amazon and Barnes and Noble