The Henry County Board met Thursday November 21, at 6 p.m. in the Henry County Courthouse, in Cambridge. Meeting was called to order by Chairman Marshall Jones.

First order of business was during Public Comment, during which, former Hillcrest Home administrator Lorna Brown thanked the Board for the opportunity to serve the last 6 years.  She has retired, and been replaced by Janet Holberg. She was followed by Linda Blair, from the United Way, who spoke about their current fund drive, and of the various services that are offered to residents of Henry County. This year's goal is $140,000. They support 17 agencies locally.

Standing Committee action items were brought up and voted on.  Most notably, $21,000 for Phase 1 of the Jail security proposal, during which contracted engineers will assess all the security systems, and make appropriate recommendations. Board also approved a 2019 Tax Levy ordinance that had been presented in October. Levy rte was increassed slightly, although offset by a decrease in county assessments, resulting in slightly lower tax bills for the average household.

No increases were deemed necessary for private pay rooms at Hillcrest due to additional funds available from Medicaid.

Insurance renewals were recently done The county currently approved renewals, which included $20,000 in increases,. Bill Preston (R-Geneseo) asked for clarification as to the reason for the increases. Several expensive work comp claims had been filed during the policy year.

Mr. Preston also took issue with the fact that all county employees were given election day 2020 as a Holiday, when the clerk's office was working that day.  He cited costs of an additional $20,000 for all employees to have that day off.

Board also approved a raise for County Administrator Erin Knackstedt, to $80,000, bringing her in line with recommended salaries of similar area county administrators.

County Christmas tree will be themed a Cozy Christmas and be decorated with mittens and scarves, other cozy wearables, to be given to the needy after the holidays.

The Henry County Board next meets December 19.