CAMBRIDGE — The Henry County Clerk closed filings for elected offices at 5 PM , Monday December 2, 2019. There are no contested races at this time. County wide candidates include Terilyn Motley (R) for Circuit clerk, Cathy Runty (R) for State's Attorney, and Melissa Watkins (R) for Coroner.

Five County Board District 1 candidates running for five open 4 year terms include Joseph Garrity (R), Kathy Nelson (R), Ray Elliot (R), Mark Burton (R), and Angie Frank (R). District 1 has one candidate running for an unexpired 2 year term in Jim Thompson (R). Seven candidates are running for five 4 year terms to County Board District 2. These are Malissa Sandberg (R), Shawn Kenddall (R), Natalie Collins (R), Jim Padilla (R), Dwayne Anderson (R),  John Sovanski (D) and Martin Ryan (D).

Henry County has 24 returning Republican precinct committeemen, who will be joined by Dallas Laman, Arthur Fanter and Justin Weber, new members.  The Democratic Central Committee will welcome 7 returning members.