The Geneseo School Board met in regular session on December 12, at 5 PM. Meeting was called to order, and quickly worked through the first few orders of business.

A presentation was made by the five social workers that are associated with the Geneseo School District.  Melanie Rice, Denise Ford, Stacey Morrell, Elizabeth Koster, and Andrea Clark, took turns presenting a program to the Board "Threat Prevention and Assessment Teams".  An 8 point program, whose purpose is to identify, define and appropriately deal with behaviors that may range from simple unusual behavior of a student, to a high risk incident, which may bring in outside intervention.  Much of the paperwork and procedures are currently in place, and this is a standardized method of reporting and dealing with behavior/threats that is based on a Virginia model, and is currently used in 22 states. The District is mandated to implement a threat assessment procedure by December 24, 2019, and must has the threat assessment teams in place by February 22, 2020.

Dr. Adam Brumbaugh’s Superintendent's report was given, sharing that the SAFE program was in good order, and that enrollment was up 13% this year. A synopsis of the Southwest and Northside before and after school programs was given.  Bids will be going out soon for repairs to the high School HVAC system. A grant is being applied for that is due in February.  Results of the Grant should be available in late April.  If it is awarded, the $50K proceeds would be used for new exterior doors for the middle school.  The School District has received a gift of $120K from the Schroyer Foundation.  These funds will be used for maintenance of various schools, as well as installation of LED lighting in classrooms.

On the Consent Agenda, approval was made of a number of items, including a GHS Softball trip to Myrtle Beach, a GHS Concert band trip to Skokie, IL and a GHS Honors Band trip to Indianapolis, all of which have been funded by Booster Clubs and associated fundraising.

Other items on the Agenda included approval of the 2019 Property Tax Levy, and approval of the FY19 Annual Financial Report Audit. the Audit shows the District with a balanced budget. Approval of a program of dual credits through Blackhawk College for Juniors and Seniors was made. Other items that were discussed included the renewal and expansion of vocational options.  January 10, the 8th grade will attend a Career Fair, and the High School will participate in one in February. There is some partnering with local businesses like the Hammond -Henry Hospital, for job shadowing opportunities and the CNA program, and other internships. Standardized Test scores were also discussed.  The students now participate in standardized tests are able to get their scores in real time, making the results more timely.

One other item that was presented was the  possible development of a District School App that could notify smartphone users of school closings, lunch menus, event calendars, etc..

Notion to adjourn was made by Heather DeBrock and second by Karen Urick.