PEORIA, IL... State Senator Chuck Weaver, R-Peoria, has announced he is retiring from the State Senate at the end of his term and will not seek reelection.

“When serving, we must think about how our unique resources and skills can be used to impact the greatest need of the community," said Weaver. “With Central Illinois at a turning point, everyone must serve where they can cause positive change. I believe I can now make the most positive impact closer to home by serving my community in a different position of service."
With that in mind, last October, Weaver let all Republican County chairs and precinct committee members know he may not seek reelection and encouraged other candidates to circulate petitions to get on the ballot for the March 17 primary. While other potential successors declined to circulate petitions, Win Stoller of the Peoria area, did just that and will be on the ballot, and thus will be the Republican nominee in the election this November to succeed Weaver.
“I would not have made my decision if I was not assured there was a high-quality candidate to pass the baton to as our next State Senator," said Weaver. “Win Stoller is a top-notch candidate to replace me and the people of this district will be well served by his representation.”
Weaver continued, "I will continue working hard to serve while in the Senate. I am greatly humbled by the responsibility granted me by my constituents. I encourage others to become more engaged and serve. It is a truly rewarding experience."
Weaver concluded, "I have enjoyed my service in the State Senate, but I believe each legislator should serve with enthusiasm to achieve all they can without staying on just for the sake of it. It is time for me to focus on other opportunities to serve and give someone else the chance to contribute as our next State Senator. I want to do this in the way our nation's Founders intended as a 'citizen legislator' who comes from the people, steps up to serve for a time, and then willingly comes back home; thus having a healthy “rotation in office' that our Founders thought best."