The city Council will meet on Monday April 27th by conference call at their usual time 6 p.m.

Work is expected to begin on the new stage in Wiley Park this week as long as the ground is not too wet . Derrin Frank of Annawan is going to do the work.

Mayor Rich Volkert and City Administrator David Dyer were both on the phone Tuesday morning and reminded people to keep social distancing and please, no parties. They said that people have been good by not using the parks in Galva.

Clean up of roadsides in Galva was to be held April 18th and 22nd but was cancelled. Mayor Volkert walks everyday and gets 6-7 grocery bags  of trash full while walking. He encourages everyone who walks to also pick up as you go. Of course it would be helpful if there was no litter thrown. Everyone can also check their yard and be sure there is no trash. Also, please check that  garbage cans have not tipped over, littering the neighborhood.

The tree terrace program is still available. The city will pay $75 for a tree which is approved by Supervisor Richard Plummer. You must call and get it approved in order for them to pay, and have a suitable location.

The city is also paying $75 per square for city sidewalk to be replaced. You must call City Hall and have it approved. Do not tear out city sidewalk without city approval.

The Galva police department will be accessing yards with junk and unlicensed vehicles. The city hopes that there are not as many as there was two years ago, when they found 88 unlicensed vehicles that either had to be removed, put into a garage, find a new home, or get licensed.

Work has been done at Veterans Park clearing out a lot of brush along a back fence. This was organized through Wright Tree Service and did not cost the City any money. Local groups such as the Boy Scouts used to clean up in Veterans Park each year.

City officials reminded all residents that if you can, please patronize Galva restaurants and stores anyway you can during this Pandemic.

The City Hall is locked and city workers are working by distancing to prevent the spread of COVID-19.