The Geneseo City Council met via teleconference Tuesday April 7. All Council members were in attendance. During preliminary comments, Mayor Carroll-Duda read the Executive order from the Governor regarding Shelter in Place and the suspension of the Open Meetings Act. The solution was to hold meetings via teleconference. The information on how to join these meetings, as well as to leave public comments is listed on the City's website.

Bob Wachtel, (Ward 2) took the opportunity to compliment the Council for their leadership during this time.

City Administrator Jo Hollenkamp thanked Garrett Griswold for going over and above, working diligently to keep the City in touch during this time.

The Council moved quickly through the items of business. The agreement with the Humane Society to do animal control was agreed on, motion by Rothschild, second by Arnold. The renewal of the FFA plot that is rented from the City was also agreed on, with a summary of the FFA year given by Nick VanDeWoestyne. Due to the wet Spring of 2019, those acres were put into Prevent Plant, and the City received the funds.  Funds were donated back to the FFA, and the lease of the plot agreed to be renewed.  Motion on the renewal made by Sean Johnson, (Ward 3) and seconded by Craig Arnold (Ward 1).

The subject of a change to the way Business Registration in Geneseo is handled was re visited.  The revision of the Ordinance doing away with the $10 fee for registration was agreed on, and the $50 fine for not registering was left in place.  Registration can be done online, and in light a number of recent events, Casey Disterhoft, Chief of Police, expressed the importance of having access to contact information of business proprietors, citing last summer's gas leak downtown, and doors left unlocked on occasion.  Motion was made by Barnhart (Ward 4) and seconded by Wachtel (Ward 2).  James (Ward 2) and Barnhart (Ward 4) dissented.

Motion was made to annex a piece of property to the City and amend the zoning to B4, it was agreed upon and moved to the Consent agenda. Motion made by Barnhart (Ward 4), and second by Arnold (Ward 1).

Chad VanDeWoestyne, City Engineer discussed that the City had accepted bids for the milling projects from Tri-City Blacktop.  They were the lowest bidder, and the City had worked with them before. Motion was made by Wachtel (Ward 2) and seconded by Arnold (Ward 1).

Discussion to appoint Casey Disterhof, Police Chief, as the Coordinator of the City Emergency Services Disaster Agency was made by Arnold (Ward 1) and seconded by Rothschild (Ward 3).

City Bathrooms on 1st Street and the demolition of them was revisited.  Proposal was made to sell them to the owner of the building directly behind them for $100, and have that proprietor responsible for their demolition.  The water and sewer for the bathrooms runs through the south wall of the adjacent building, and would create further issues for the city to demolish them.  Motion to approve was made by Arnold (Ward 1), seconded by Crow (Ward 4). 

A new firewall system to replace 4 existing firewalls was brought up. There is a possibility of having the expense reimbursed under the COVID Act. Motion to do so, not to exceed $7500, was made by Arnold (ward 1), and seconded by Rothschild (Ward 3).

Motion was made to pay the bills made by Wachtel (Ward 2), seconded by Arnold (Ward 1). 

Other concerns included some questions by the public regarding garbage and yard waste not being picked up in a timely manner.  Citing a manpower issue, VanDeWoestyne said that the city's burn pile was still available to residents. 625 residents had used the burn pile just the previous week to dispose of yard waste.

Next week's meeting will begin with an Open Session, after which the Council will leave and the new Members will be sworn in.  The new Council will reconvene, and complete the meeting.  The next Council meeting will be held via GoTo Meeting platform on April 14.  Details will be posted on the City's website.  Motion to adjourn by Rothschild (Ward 3), and seconded by Arnold (Ward 1).