The Geneseo School Board met via teleconference Thursday April 9.   During public comments, the concern was raised by Chris and Brenda Robb regarding transmission of germs via the pin pad that is used by students for charging lunches to their accounts.  The Board indicated that a plan will be in place by the time students return from break. At this time, all school personnel are cleaning and sanitizing the facility in anticipation of student’s return.

The program that was to have been presented during the regular meeting was postponed until regular meetings are resumed. The Superintendant also announced that it has filled all 29 vacant positions for the 20-21 school year. 

Monday April 13,  the staff will conduct a Remote Learning Planning Day for the purpose of working on plans, creating more effective practices.  Taking this day will replace one snow day from Jan 15, and will not affect the last day of school, projected to be May 22.

School Maintenance Grant was approved, and the District is continuing to move forward with projects on the table, including the HVAC system at the High School and the replacement of exterior doors at the grade school. 

As of April 8, a record 479 lunches were disbursed on that date to students.  Estimates that over 15,000 lunches in total would be disbursed by next week.

Going forward, the District expects it's portion of sales tax revenues to go down in light of current events.  Looking at the future, the District has cash in reserves, so it should be in better shape than many other school districts.  There should not be a problem making the bond payment later this year. Fiscal Year 20-21 should be very conservative.