Geneseo students display some of their new equipment

Geneseo Educational Foundation funds technology

The Board of Directors of the Geneseo Education Foundation visited Casey Komel’s classroom March 12, 2020 at GHS to see the newly purchased equipment for the science technology update in action.

The grant included LabQuest 2 Interface (x 24) $8500, olorimeter (x 12) $1400, pH Sensors Teacher Pack $800, pH Sensors (x 4) $400, and temperature sensors teacher pack $650, for a total Cost $11,750.

"The physical science classes were using technology that is over 10 years old and outdated (current interfaces were provided by GEF when the physical science labs were renovated in 2007) and currently provides data on computers only. With the new interfaces and probes, students will be able to use bluetooth technology to send much more accurate data directly to their devices", according to Komel.

The new interfaces and probes will be much more reliable and will allow our classrooms to abide by the mission of District 228, to provide high expectations for academic achievement and use effective and efficient operations to provide a safe and caring learning environment.

To learn more about the GEF and how you can support their mission, please visit or contact Sharon Neumann GEF Director at or call 309-944-5522.