Senior Spotlight:Lilly Kessinger

Parents: Jim and Rachael Kessinger
Food: Macaroni and cheese
Movie: Step Brothers or Napoleon Dynamite
School Lunch: Tenderloin
Song that gets you fired up!: “NEW MAGIC WAND” by Tyler, the Creator
Lilly Kessinger is a senior at Cambridge High School. She is currently on the softball team for the Ridgewood Spartans. Lilly has also participated in cheerleading, volleyball. Off the field or court, Lilly has been involved in Marching Band where she was the drum major this past year, Jazz, concert, and pep band, the spring musical, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America, National Honor Society, and is on the student council.
Lilly’s favorite Spartan memory is this past cheer season when Maddy Lindsey accidentally called a cheer using an Australian accent in front of the entire crowd. The rest of the cheer squad spoke in Australian accents the rest of the season!
Her favorite family friendly memories have taken place in Spanish class which with only five students in the class has even made time for learning a third language, Japanese! Each day fellow senior Kaiden Vinavich presents a “Japanese phrase of the day” to the class to make them all laugh!
“Never take the time you get with your classmates or teammates for granted!
Graduation and Senior Night will come before you know it, so make as many memories as you possibly can over the next few years.”
Coach T is the coach or teacher who has had the most influence on Lilly. “She has pushed me to be a better student-athlete and encourages me both inside and outside of the dugout.”
After graduation, Lilly plans to attend Southern Illinois University and major in Dental Hygiene. Good luck Lilly!

Senior Spotlight: Berandt Melow

Parents: Bob and Bernadette Melow
Food: Thin n Crispy Pepperoni Pizza from Pizza Hut
Movie: Tropic Thunder
School Lunch: Taco in a bag
Song that gets you fired up!: Pretty much anything by Kendrick Lamar.
Berandt (Benny) Melow is a senior at AlWood High School. He is currently running track for the Ridgewood Spartan Boys Track Team. Benny has run track as well as cross country and played basketball for three years. When not on the run, Benny has also participated in the musicals, all sorts of Bran ensembles, and is the student council vice-president.
His favorite Spartan memory is the team making it to the sectional level in cross country this past year. His funniest family friendly memory is ALMOST being able to throw Joe Keever into the lake before Coach Steider got there to stop him.
Benny’s advice to freshmen is to “keep your head up, and when things are looking rough never forget you always have somebody you can talk to.”
Coach Steider is the coach/teacher Benny says has had the most influence on him. “Even throughout the years when I’ve been a bit stubborn, injured, or just plain lazy he’s always been there to keep pushing me through the harder times to help me improve.”
After graduation Benny plans to attend St. Ambrose University to pursue his Bachelors and Masters Degree in social work. He will also be continuing his running career at St. Ambrose in both cross country and track. Best of luck Benny!