The July 4th Celebration in Galva was postposed at Monday nights city council meeting.

The meeting was held with the City Clerk, Mayor and City Administrator social distancing at City Hall and the aldermen and press on phones listening in.

No department heads were in attendance by phone.

Mayor Rich Volkert said, “I don’t feel comfortable bringing that many people into Galva.” He said that several other towns in the area have the same issue this year. Lake Story has canceled their July 4th celebration.

The council said that if they planned it for the Fall, maybe vendors and the crowd would not want to come.

The fundraising for the event has had events cancelled too.

They have not totally closed the door of having it this Fall but it is not likely at this time but will be determined later.

Mayor Volkert said he had not heard yet on the Levitt Amp or Back Roads productions.

Brad Werkheiser was the successful bidder for mowing Veterans Park. He bid $125 per mowing and will trim the bushes and weed the flower beds for no extra.

Deb Smith bid $125 per mowing and $175 to trim the bushes and $75 to weed the flower beds.

Keith Haga bid $130 per mowing and $40 per hour per person to weed or trim bushes.

The street program will go on this summer with only the minimum done. Henry County Highway Department will do the work and already have the plans to work with social distancing.

The city will spend $55,000 to $60,000 this year on the street program.

The council passed permission for City Administrator David Dyer to start working with any Galva or Bishop Hill business who is a non essential business who might be eligible for the stabilization program. If you think your business is eligible, call Galva City hall 309 932-2555 and talk to David. The business must have been open since January of 2017.

Administrator David Dyer reported on revenues. He said that Galva’s revenues are taking a hit like the rest Illinois has but not as drastic. Sales tax is expected to take a $28,000 loss, $54,000 loss in income tax, $24,000 in gaming tax, $15,000 in use tax, $14,000 in corporate tax and $30,000 in motor fuel.

He said that motor fuel is expected to be only about one half which he said will “cripple our road program.”

Everyone needs to be reminded that you will need a mask to go into a store starting on Friday.

It was reported that the city is working on getting the addresses of the COVID 19 cases in Galva for the protection of the Police, Fire and Ambulance personnel.

Galva police will start their inspections on Galva properties that need clean-up done and also unlicensed vehicles sitting in yards. They are hoping not to find as many unlicensed vehicles as they found two years ago, which was 88.

A monthly meeting will be held with the City, Fire Districts and the Stark County Ambulance.

It was reported that City workers are working with social distancing and only putting one per truck.

It was reported from Superintendent Greg Thompson that the water department will be flushing hydrants from May 4-15th. Workers will start in the SE then move to the SW,NW and end in the NE. There could be rusty water so try your sinks before washing your clothes.

Galva has an ordinance NOT to blow any grass clippings in the street. Mayor Volkert said Monday night, he found 5 violators while riding his bicycle on Monday. They will all be addressed. The clippings get in the sewers and also an be dangerous when wet, which have caused accidents for motorcycles.

It was reported Monday night, Mayor Volkert and City Administrator David Dyer had shown the Opera House building. The city has purchased new windows for the upstairs and are waiting for Don Collinson to install them.

The following checks were received: March MFT, $8,247.00; March Personal Property Replacement tax, $10,098.00; February Sales tax, $15,915.00; February local share of State Use tax, $7,405.00’ March income tax, $26,659.00; February telecommunications tax, $2,786.00; March Video gaming tax, $1,680.00; and March cannabis tax, $241.

Second ward alderman Jim Hartman was unable to listen in on the meeting by phone Monday night.