Eli Palmer drinks a lot of milk and he wants to make sure that other kids in the Geneseo School District also have enough milk to drink.

The 11-year-old son of Dan and Styphanie Palmer, Geneseo, is teaming up with Save A Lot Grocery in Geneseo, to donate milk to Geneseo families who utilize the food pickup offered through the Geneseo School District.

For every gallon of milk purchased at Save A Lot, the store also will donate a gallon.

There currently are 240 Geneseo School District families utilizing the meal pickup service.

David Santee, manager of Geneseo Save A Lot, said beginning Wednesday, May 6, there will be 240 gallons of 2 percent milk donated to the families who visit the food pick up sites in the Geneseo School District. There are three different sites, and the milk will be distributed on Wednesday of each week at each of the three sites. The fundraiser will provide for 120 gallons of milk and the store will donate the other 120 gallons. The “Milk Does a Community Good” fundraiser will continue through May.

Santee explained that Save A Lot shoppers can help the effort by letting the store cashier know they would like to donate the cost of one gallon of milk.

“I will tally up the donations from the register each day so I know what to order each week,” Santee said. “It is a good cause and I want to help make sure the kids stay fed and are able to take an extra gallon of milk every week when they pick up their meals.”

In addition to donating at the store, contributions also may be mailed to Eli Palmer, 536 North Stewart St., Geneseo, IL 61254. Checks should be made payable to Save A Lot.

The young man learned about a similar effort from his grandfather, Les Amble, who told him about a store in Wisconsin doing a similar fundraiser and Eli asked his mother why they couldn’t do the same thing in Geneseo.

“Eli loves milk and he drinks two cartons of milk at lunch every day,” Styphanie Palmer said, and added that more than $1,000 had already been received from area businesses and individuals.

“There is no pressure to donate and we ask that you only donate what you can afford,” she said. “It would be great to be able to help out families in our Geneseo community during these trying times.”

In expressing his appreciation for all donations, Eli Palmer said, “Stay strong and stay healthy.”