The Henry County Assessment Office would like to remind senior property owners to turn in their application for the Senior Citizens Assessment Freeze Exemption.

To qualify for the exemption you must be 65 or older in 2020, own and occupy your home January 1, 2019 and January 1, 2020, and have a federal adjusted gross income, plus certain items subtracted from or not included in, of $65,000 or less for 2019.

There is another exemption available to property owners 65 and over. The senior homestead reduces your assessed value by $5,000 for those who qualify. This exemption is not based on income.

If you think you qualify, have questions, or need assistance with filing for these or any other exemptions, please call the assessment office at 1-309-937-3570 or email

If you are a Henry County homeowner check the Assessment Office page on the Henry County website to see if you might qualify for other property tax exemptions.