The County Board met Thursday the 21st, via teleconference. All Board members except Eric Brown were present.

The Board accepted the resignation of member Eric Brown, who will be leaving the county.

A pay rate of $68,500 for the Circuit Clerk was approved for 2021, with 1% raises each following year of the elected term. Th Coroner’s pay was approved at $27,219 with 2% raises for the three consecutive years of the elected term.

The Henry County Toolkit for Re-opening plan that has been a co-operative effort for many organizations and communities in the county is almost complete. Mayors of almost every community in Henry County, the Chambers of Commerce in Geneseo and Kewanee, the Bureau of Tourism, the Bureau of Economic Development, all the local law enforcement entities, as well as the Department of Public Health and Hammond-Henry Hospital, and other organizations, too numerous to mention, have put their collective heads together to develop a comprehensive checklist for re-opening Henry County. It is to be available on the websites of many of the contributing organizations websites and Social Media pages.

A series of appointments were quickly approved, including:

Duane Olson to the Hammond-Henry Hospital Board

Anne DeSmith to the Hammond-Henry Hospital Board

Dr. Donald Ford to the Hammond-Henry Hospital Board

Tammy Dynes to the Henry County Board of REview

Jim Eccher to the Henry County Board of Review

Eddie Toliver to the Housing Authority of the Henry County board

Tyler Johnson to the Housing Authority of the Henry County board

Currently the Hillcrest Home has 90 residents. Covid test will be given to all prospective residents prior to admission.

The Jail parking lot project is out for bids. OPEB Insurance has been approved at a cost of just over $10, 000 for the next three years. A bid for evaluation of the exterior of the Courthouse was accepted by Klingler and Associates. This is to assess and prioritize necessary maintenance work on the building’s exterior. There is an apparent wasp issue that will need to be taken care of as well.

The Transportation Committee awarded the contract for aggregate materials to Craig Betcher and Steve VanOpdorp. The grinding contract was awarded to Porter Brothers for $82,638. The bridge project should be completed by May 29, or shortly after, weather permitting. The County has taken delivery on the paver that was purchased earlier this year.

Other business that was addressed included that at this time, no Sheriff Sales have occurred. The jail also has 42 prisoners at this time. The County Clerk is looking at a new voters’ registration system. The County is looking at a considerable shortfall in revenues because of sales tax being down. A Mock Budget was projected, using current data, and shows the County with a shortfall of 1 M. More precise budgeting will be done later, but it is something to take note of.

The Office of Emergency Management extended the Emergency Declaration to May 31 to co-incide with the Governor’s directives.

A Letter of support was drafted to be sent to the Governor, thanking him for the efforts and policies to keep the State safe, and the common sense approach of the Governor. Also, the letter will ask that Henry County be allowed to open up as quickly as possible, whether by drawing it into a smaller region, or revisiting the timeline. Board member Roger Anderson suggested that a copy be sent to local legislators. The motion was approved and passed.