The Geneseo boys’ basketball team hit a rough patch after suffering losses to Rochelle, Davenport West and Kewanee.

The Geneseo boys’ basketball team hit a rough patch after suffering losses to Rochelle, Davenport West and Kewanee.

Rochelle at Geneseo

The Hubs dominated in the fourth quarter to hand Geneseo a 69-48 defeat, in Geneseo, on Dec. 15.

Rochelle took a 43-35 into the fourth quarter, and the Hubs dropped 26 points to close out the game.

Rochelle made 9-of-16 3-pointers in the game, and Geneseo struggled from beyond the arc making just 3-of-15 from 3-point range.

The Leafs’ Isaiah Rivera finished with a team-high 22 points and 10 rebounds, and Jacob McConnell tallied 11 points and added four rebounds.

GHS’ Ty Johnson scored four points and grabbed six rebounds, and Mick Haverland scored four points.

Jarron Nordstrom finished with two points and five rebounds, Rink finished with two points, and Christian Duckwitz made a 3-pointer.

Iowa/Illinois Genesis Shootout

Geneseo was no match for the mighty Trey Sampson who scored a game-high 26 points for Davenport West, at Augustana College’s Carver Center, on Dec. 16.

The Falcons hammered the Maple Leafs for a 74-44 victory as the Iowa side claimed its third consecutive victory over the Illinois side in the Genesis Shootout.

Rivera scored a team-high 24 points and grabbed four rebounds, and Johnson finished with nine points and two rebounds.

Nordstrom tallied five points with three rebounds, and McConnell finished with four points and three rebounds.

Geneseo’s Colton Garcia added two points and two rebounds.

Kewanee at Geneseo

The Maple Leafs seem to be playing against themselves as often as they were playing against Kewanee, on Dec. 19.

In a game that seemed to have the potential to get the Leafs back on track, Geneseo was unable to overcome the issues which have plagued them so far this season.

Kewanee’s Kavon Russell scored 13 points and tacked on 13 rebounds to help the Boilermakers defeated Geneseo, 60–46.

Geneseo’s offense sputtered in the first half, and the Leafs suffered from defensive breakdowns in the second half.

Rivera scored a team-high 20 points and added four rebounds, but nothing came easy for the Maple Leafs.

A sophomore, Rivera sparked the crowd with a dunk to start the second quarter closing the gap to 12-6.

However, Geneseo was tagged with a technical on the play and Kewanee was headed to the free-throw line.

“We make it a lot harder on ourselves by not playing as hard as the opponent,” Geneseo Coach Brad Storm said. “Offensively and defensively, we are making it

really hard for ourselves and when you’re struggling you have to try to do things to help yourself and not make it harder. Right now, we are going the other way.“

Nordstrom did his best to keep Geneseo in the game in the second quarter to take advantage of the extra attention on Rivera.

A senior, Nordstrom made a pair of mid-range jumpers and 1-of-2 from the free throw line to cut the lead to 22-15 with a minute to play before halftime.

With Kewanee leading 24-17 at half, Geneseo had chances to vault themselves back into the game in the third quarter.

However, the Maple Leafs couldn’t match the Boilermakers’ intensity in the fourth quarter.

The Leafs’ McConnell drained a 3-pointer to cut Kewanee’s lead to 49-40 with six minutes remaining, but mistakes washed away Geneseo’s comeback hopes quickly.

Kewanee scored an easy layup in transition, and the Boilermakers’ Logan Zarvell knocked down a dagger 3-pointer to expand the lead to 52-40 with five minutes remaining.

Geneseo will look to bounce back at the EC Nichols Tournament in Marengo on Saturday, Dec. 23.