Geneseo Jazzercise classes have given new mothers an edge.

Geneseo Jazzercise classes have given new mothers an edge.

The Jazzercise workout is something a group of new Geneseo moms have raved about helping them through the stages of pregnancy, delivery and recovery.

Jazzercise instructor Morgan Frisk had her first child, Maverick, about a month ago, and she taught classes four days a week until she reached 37 weeks pregnant.

“There were a lot of days I was so exhausted,” Frisk said. “I didn’t want to teach, but I had to. It wasn’t because I had to come teach a class, but because I had to do it for myself.”

Jessi Haars planned to continue to do Jazzercise during her pregnancy with daughter Adelia.

Haars felt like working out helped her gain less weight during the pregnancy and the community aspects of Jazzercise made a difference.

“I needed a steady workout,” Haars said. “It was fun. It’s a great family community here, so they all pushed me and cheered me on. I worked out up until the week she was born, and everyone was so supportive. The whole Jazzercise family helped.”

Katelynn Fritz saw her recovery time cut dramatically doing Jazzercise while pregnant with her second child Owyn.

Fritz feels like the support of everyone helps make it possible to find time for herself.

“It’s nice to know we have this space,” Fritz said. “It’s hard when you have kids because you don’t always have someone at home who can stay. It’s nice to have the babysitting room and everyone is always wondering how things are and how the baby is doing.”

Gloria Brock said the wide variety of class times allowed her to be able to stay active while she was pregnant with her daughter Harper.

“For me, it was a lot of stress relief,” Brock said. “Being able to move around and feel like I wasn’t just sitting all day.”

Sara Paxton believes that Jazzercise helped her recovery after the birth of her daughter Nina.

“I felt like the recovery was a lot faster,” Paxton said. “It was great. I’ve heard a lot of horror stories about how it’s difficult afterward. For me, it was pretty much back to normal in a matter of days really.”