It was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for Central College’s Cade Humphries.

It was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for Central College’s Cade Humphries.

This wasn’t just a chance for a European vacation, and it wasn’t just a chance to play football.

It was the chance to do both that sold Humphries on the trip.

A sophomore-to-be at Central College, Humphries traveled with the Dutch football team to Austria, Germany and Switzerland.

The trip concluded with Central playing an exhibition game against the Swarco Raiders Tirol, a top Austrian club team.

“It was hard to take everything in because you are trying to play a football game, and you are in the middle of the Swiss Alps looking around,” Humphries said. “The scenery was beautiful. It was kind of hard to draw it all in, but it was a great experience.”

Humphries was one of 42 Dutch players who embarked on a nine-day trip with Central players visiting Munich, the Dachau Memorial and Neuschwanstein Castle, in Germany.

Then the Dutch players traveled to Innsbruck, Austria and Interlaken, Switzerland, touring the Swiss Alps.

Humphries enjoyed seeing the history of the Dachau Memorial, but his favorite part of the trip off the gridiron was whitewater rafting in the Swiss Alps.

With the Dutch a little short-handed, the Swarco Raiders Tirol defeated Central 31-26 at Tivoli Stadium.

Central had the ball with a chance to steal the win in the fourth quarter but ran out of time against the Raiders.

“The crowd was electric,” Humphries said. “They had chants going and a ton of fans there. We had a lot of parents from Central who went to cheer us on, but the Raiders are a very good team.”

While some club teams struggle against American talent, the Raiders have proven they are a college- caliber team.

In 2016, the Raiders defeated Elmhurst College, 24-10 before dropping a 31-27 contest last year to Benedictine University.

With a smaller Central squad making the trip, this was a valuable opportunity for Humphries to get in more practice reps and show the coaches he can contribute.

Humphries filled in as a blocking back on special teams on kickoff returns, and he believes that if he keeps showing great effort on special teams good things will happen.

“It’s not something everyone wants to do,” Humphries said. “Some people blow off special teams, but if you go out and prove yourself in practice every day, the coaches start to see it. Once you start to show the coaches that you know what you are doing, and you can execute, that how you start to move up on the chart a little bit.”

Humphries was recruited as a superback which is a fullback receiver hybrid, but he transitioned to a new role last season.

“We kind of realized about halfway through the season, that we were going to be pretty low at linebacker with a lot of guys graduating,” Humphries said. “The coaches said since I have some experience, they were switching me to middle linebacker.”

An accounting major, Humphries is focusing on proving himself and getting in more reps at linebacker, but he was excited about how well spring practice went.

The Dutch are coming off a 7-3 season and a second-place Iowa Conference.