The Maple Leafs' bowling team hosted the Lee Lohman Invite and competed in a pair of duals against DeKalb and Yorkville.

The Maple Leafs’ bowling team hosted the Lee Lohman Invite and competed in a pair of duals against DeKalb and Yorkville.

Geneseo at DeKalb

The Maple Leafs’ Kyle Cones continues his impressive run to start the season rolling a 627 three-game series at Mardi Gras Lanes on Nov. 8.

Geneseo fell 3522-2943 against DeKalb in the dual between the two teams, but Cones led the Leafs with a team-high series and single game, 223.

Logan Munoz finished with a 506 series, and Alex McAvoy finished with a 493 series.

Justin Ford rolled his way to a 465 series, and Kaden Splear finished with a 433 series.

The Leafs’ Tyler Durnell finished with a 419 series.

The Maple Leafs’ Aidan Grafft led the JV team with a 419 series, and Logan Sims finished with a 306 series.

Kyle Blankenship tallied a 266 series, and Jack Sellers finished with a 263 series.

Geneseo’s Tyler Weisser finished with a 249 series, and Jack Mannon finished with a 247 series.

Lee Lohman Invite

The Maple Leafs finished runner-up the Lee Lohman Invite at Lee’s Lanes in Geneseo on Nov. 10.

Geneseo (5399) finished second among an eight-team field, and the Leafs’ Ford finished 10th individually with an 1107 six-game series and rolled a 215 single game.

Geneseo’s Munoz finished with the eighth-highest single game (233), and he finished with a five-game series of 986.

Cones tallied a six-game series of 1087, and Sebastian Einfeldt finished with a six-game series of 1064.

McAvoy added a 1011 six-game series, and Jacob Endress rolled a single game 144.

Geneseo’s JV team had three teams competing with one Maple Leafs team finishing second in a six-team field.

Durnell (1101) led the Maple Leafs with the second highest six-game series in the JV competition.

Splear finished in third place with a 1092 series, and Grafft finished in fourth place with a 1051 series.

Ethan Welfer finished eighth with a 940 series, and Nathan Johnson landed in 10th place with a 908 series.

Yorkville at Geneseo

The Maple Leafs put together an impressive performance to snag the Foxs 3280-3116 at Lee’s Lanes on Nov. 13.

Geneseo’s Einfeldt rolled his way to a dual high three-game series with a 713. A sophomore, Einfeldt rolled his way to a 290 game and strung together 16 consecutive strikes during the dual.

Munoz had the second highest series in the dual match with a 630 series and a 224 single.

Cones rolled his way to a 554 series, and Splear finished with a 507 series.

McAvoy tallied a 467 series, and Ford finished with a 409 series.

Geneseo fell just short in the JV competition 2797-2773.

The Leafs’ Durnell had the JV high three-game series with a 521, and Welfer finished with a 451 series.

Johnson tallied a 431 series, and Grafft finished with a 490 series.

Geneseo’s Endress added a 487 series, and McKeag finished with a 393 series.