The Geneseo girls’ bowling team defeated United Township, competed at the Panther Invite and topped DeKalb.

The Geneseo girls’ bowling team defeated United Township, competed at the Panther Invite and topped DeKalb.

Geneseo at United Township

The Lady Leafs had solid contributions from everyone to defeat the Panthers 2801-2705 on Dec. 8.

Geneseo’s Emily Pobanz rolled a team-high 562 three-game series with a dual-high 244 game.

Jenah Hart tallied a 532 series, and Delaney Ostrowski finished with a 460 series.

Madison Holevoet landed with a 435 series, and Breann Keller finished with a 421 series.

The Leafs’ Karis Ostrowski finished with a 391 series.

In the JV dual, Geneseo topped UT 2801-2705 with Adi Hernandez-Nesbitt leading the way for the Maple Leafs with a 457 series.

Grace Moore and Miranda Roemer each finished with a 416 series, and Molly McGill added a 360 series.

Mary Thomas tallied a 332 series, and Emily Henson finished with a 269 series.

Panther Invite

The Lady Leafs’ Pobanz finished runner-up with a 1216 six-game series, and Geneseo finished fifth in the team competition on Dec. 8.

Fueled by a 233 game and a pair of 214 games, Pobanz finished 19 pins shy of the title won by Rock Island’s Heather Motley 1235.

Geneseo’s Hart rolled a 979 series, and Kellar finished with a 940 series.

Delaney Ostrowski tallied a 934 series, and Karis Ostrowski finished with an 878 series.

In the JV competition, Geneseo placed third in the team standings with Holevoet winning top honors individually.

A freshman, Holevoet finished with a 958 six-game series and had the second highest game in the JV competition (207).

Hernandez-Nesbitt finished eighth with an 874 series, and Moore tallied an 820 series to land 11th place.

The Leafs’ Roemer 780 captured 14th with a 780 series.

Keeton Lawrence rolled a three-game 419 series, and Mary Thomas finished with a three-game 358 series.

Geneseo at DeKalb

The Lady Leafs notched a close conference victory over the Barbs 2881-2804 at Mardi Gras Lanes on Dec. 11.

Karis Ostrowski rolled a team-high 517 series, and Delaney Ostrowski and Keller each finished with a 419 series.

Geneseo’s Holevoet tallied a 484 series, Hart finished with a 458 series and Pobanz finished with a 440 series.

Geneseo’s JV was led by Jenna Morrone who rolled a 378 series, and Lawrence finished with a 363 series.

Olivia Mosbarger tallied a 338 series, and Molly McGill finished with a 336 series.

Madison Kensinger notched a 325 series, and Brooke Sproston finished with a 320 series.