A dream conceived by Denny Lynch and Lee Lohman has become a reality over the past two years.

A dream conceived by Denny Lynch and Lee Lohman has become a reality over the past two years.

Over a decade ago, Lynch began trying to start a bowling team at Geneseo High School.

The motivation behind adding a high school bowling team was less about teaching the proper form or helping a player increase their average.

For Lynch, bowling is an equal opportunity sport which can give every kid a chance to compete and be a part of something special.

“Kids come in here who have never been a part of a team,” Lynch said. “When they walk out of high school now, they have that team spirit.”

Not taking no for an answer, Lynch found a way to make headway with the help

of Michael Ostrowski and Geneseo officially added boys and girls bowling last season.

“Because of their tenacity, and willingness not to take no for an answer, they built this into an actual program,” first-year Geneseo boys’ bowling coach Chris Pruett said.

Before Geneseo became a school sport, Lynch and Ostrowski were putting up their own money and shuttling bowlers to tournaments around the state.

Since becoming a school sport, the interest has been dramatic with the boys’ roster expanding from 22 members to 28 this past season, and the girls’ roster expanding from 18 members to 22 members.

Lynch believes the bowling program has had a positive effect on the students, and not just in the alley.

Lynch recalled a girl in the early days of the program who was struggling in school and was on the brink of being academically ineligible.

“I told her my hands were tied if you don’t make it academically,” Lynch recalled saying. “During her sophomore year, I told her I won’t be able to play her and she wouldn’t be able to practice. By her second semester senior year, she made the second honor roll and she was on the first honor roll before she graduated. She’s gone on to become a nurse.

“To me, we are touching these kids lives and giving them a purpose. I love it.”

Lynch has been working with youth bowling in Geneseo for the past 35 years after being asked to help coach a junior league on Saturday morning.

“The next year, I was president,” Lynch said. “It’s been snowballing ever since.”

The team found a way of acknowledging Lynch’s efforts by naming the team’s dedication award in honor of him.

After a long journey to get the program official, Lynch believes the next step will be to prove it’s here to stay.

“I think this is the beginning of a huge success story,” Lynch said. “I think we need to get these kids back here telling others they were here when things first began. If things are still going this strong years from now, that would be a sign of success.”