Redesign may take bloom off spring

Staff Writer
Geneseo Republic

This spring may be the last to see all the Center Street boulevard crabapple trees blooming.

The village is considering a redesign, and if some are removed it may be several years before the replacement trees become established.

“It’s possible this may be the last time people see them blooming as big as they are,” admitted Jim Crouch, park committee chairman.

The village is planning to get a nursery’s concept to achieve a new look soon. Crouch said the crabapples may be cut way back or a couple taken out altogether. He said they may be replaced with other more appropriate type trees, but they would still be trees that would bloom in the spring.

“It’s premature to say exactly what’s going to be,” he said.

New trees likely would not get as large, but he said the nursery may simply recommend trimming these back. He said the crabapples really should have had more care over the years.

“I would think some of the trees probably would stay. As far as taking out and starting over from scratch, I don’t see that happening,” he said.