Buying here helps here

Doug Boock
Galva Chamber of Commerce President Mechelle Dyer and fellow chamber members are urging local resident to support Galva businesses.

If you shop in Galva, you help Galva. That’s the message the Galva Chamber of Commerce would like residents to seize.

Promoting shopping in one’s hometown is a timeless message. It goes back to most cities’ earliest days. Chamber President Mechelle Dyer has an advertisement from an early 1900s issue of the Galva News that explains why. It reads:

?*Because every dollar I spend at home works for the welfare of Galva.

?*Because the man I buy from pays his part of town, county and state taxes.

?*Because the man I buy from helps support my schools, my church, my lodge, my roads, my home.

?*Because when ill luck, misfortune or bereavement comes, the man I buy from is here, with the kindly greeting, his words of cheer and his pocketbook, if need be.

“Basically, that’s it. I can’t say it any better than they did almost 100 years ago,” Dyer said.

Buying here keeps money here, circulating through the local economy. According to a study by the firm Civic Economics, of every $100 that is spent at a locally owned retailer, $68 of that amount will circulate again here. That’s much higher than the $43 that recirculates when purchases are made from larger chain stores, the study said.

High gas prices are also a good reason to shop in Galva, Dyer said. She says she’s borne that out through some research she’s done.

In April, Dyer purchased 24 grocery items from Galva’s lone grocer, IGA. She then purchased 24 same or similar items at a large discount store in Kewanee. Her total purchase at IGA cost $58.29; at the large discount store, it was $49.90.

The kicker is what it cost her to drive to Kewanee: about $14.50. That’s using the Internal Revenue Service guide of auto expenses being 58.5 cents per mile (including gas, insurance, maintenance, etc.).

So, in the end, Dyer said, she would have saved over $6 to stay in Galva to shop, plus travel time.