Galva C-store operating under new ownership

Ryan Billingsly

The local gas station Promart, better known to Galvans as Cenex, has been under the new management of Steven and Lisa Thompson for the past four months.

The Thompsons bought the store from River Valley Co-op and changed the name to Hometown Express.

“Me and my wife bought the Geneseo FS station in September of 2005,” Steven explained.  “At the time, it was closed. We renamed the store ‘Hometown Express.’

“We ended up purchasing the Galva and Altona gas stations later, on Aug. 25,” he added. “We wanted these because we like the hometown feel of these towns, and I have some family in Galva.”

There have been some changes to the stations since the purchases.

“We have added new cash register systems to both of the stations,” said Steven. “We have added E85 fuel to the Galva station only. We are definitely adding new gas dispensers to the Galva station and we are still deciding on whether to put some in the Altona station. The Cenex brand fuel will still be used, as well.”