Grocery hasn't been sold - owner

Doug Boock

Galva IGA Food Center has not been sold, despite rumors to the contrary.

Owner Jerry Shawgo told the Galva News on Jan. 5 that someone had visited the store recently to see if they had interest in purchasing it, but no sale is in the works.

“No. We had some people go through and look here about three weeks ago, but no offers have been made,” he said Wednesday.

Shawgo, who has owned the store since 1997, also owns an IGA store in Orion, where he resides. Occasionally, he said, prospective buyers inquire about his stores - something that also occurs at other businesses.

“From time to time we have people go through and look at the stores, and we get calls out of the blue . . . but nothing ever comes of it,” he said.

Meanwhile, Shawgo said, he’s looking forward to marking the 13th anniversary of his ownership of the Galva store, which he began operating in mid-January 1997.