Got a messy home or office? She can help

Doug Boock
Nancy Beasanski of Galva helps people stay organized in their homes and offices. She operates her own business, The Organized Blonde, which serves local people and clients as far away as the Chicago area.

Got a stack of bills that stare you in the face daily, waiting for payment and put of out sight?

Or a messy room in which hurdling is the best way to navigate it?

Maybe a master bedroom closet that’s turned into a combo clothes space/knick knack hideway/sporting goods nook/magazine depot?

You’re not alone. Many people feel the same way. And Nancy Beasanski says there’s hope.

“Purge when necessary, make sure everything has a ‘place’ in the space and put things away when you are done with them,” said Beasanski, a Galva resident who’s a professional organizer. “I know this sounds very elementary, but that’s what works!”

Beasanski, whose business is called “The Organized Blonde,” gets a variety of organization requests. Need prompts the calls for help.  

“The rooms that I get asked most to work on are kitchens, offices, storage spaces – both in the home and rented – and family rooms or play rooms,” said Beasanski, who charges a fee that varies based upon the job.

Beasanski’s work often brings relief to her customers, and gratification to herself.

"I love the look on their faces when I get it all done, the system’s in place and everything in its place,” she said. “It’s the best!”