Birthing center change prompts doctors' withdrawal

Doug Boock
Regional Family Health Center, including Dr. Kevin Jeffries (above) have withdrawn their inpatient service privileges at Kewanee Hospital.

Regional Family Health Center has given up its inpatient privileges at Kewanee Hospital. The center’s doctors are providing inpatient services only at Hammond-Henry Hospital in Geneseo and Perry Memorial Hospital in Princeton.

Kewanee Hospital’s closing of its Family Birthing Center several months ago is the chief reason for the decision, according to Regional Family Health Center officials.

Since Regional Family Health Center physicians already had privileges at Hammond-Henry and at Perry Memorial, they asked their obstetrics patients which hospital they prefer. Both were chosen, depending on where the patients reside.

Dr. Remi Satkauskus said the center’s doctors agreed that it would be too difficult to deal with sending patients to three different hospitals.

“It’s much better to concentrate in one place,” he said.