Author returns to her school

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Geneseo Republic
Geneseo native Kate Ristau, center, shares stores with students at St. Malachy’s School. Ristau is an 
author and folklorist and recently wrote the first book in a new series geared toward middle school readers.

Geneseo native Kate (Anderson) Ristau returned to her grade school, St. Malachy’s, on Friday, Dec. 9.

Ristau shared her work as a folklorist and author with students in the school.

She discussed her latest book, “Clockbreakers” with the students.

During her visit, Ristau had the students close their eyes and imagine where they would go if they could travel anywhere in time, because Charlie, the 11-year-old girl, who is the main character in “Clockbreakers” finds a key to travel through time.

Ristau said she first fell into mythology as a child, staring at the pictures in her mother’s Greek mythology books and trying to understand the magic and the life within the stories. She kept searching for those stories in books, movies, and in the words of her family and friends.

After volunteering with AmeriCorps, she moved to Oregon, where she completed her master’s degree in folklore at the University

of Oregon.

She taught at the University of Oregon and Western Oregon University before becoming a full-time writer.

She wrote the grammar handbook, “Commas: An Irreverent Primer,” with her fellow professor, Maren Bradley Anderson.

Ristau also edited an anthology of poems, essays, and short stories: “Coarse Grounds: A Coffee Anthology.”

Her first novel, “Shadow Girl,” was republished by Indigo Sea Press in August of 2016.

A 1999 Geneseo graduate, Ristau lives in Oregon with her husband and son.