Levitt AMP Galva Music Series surging toward $25,000 goal

Mike Landis, Editor

The fundraising events for the 2019 Levitt AMPGalva Music Series have yet to begin, but the Galva Arts Council is already more than half way to its $25,000 goal.

In an update from GACofficials late last week, donors have already stepped up and contributed $14,250 toward the $25,000 goal.

To be matched in full with the $25,000 grant from the Levitt Foundation, the GACneeds donations in hand by March 18.

To make a donation, mail a check or money order to Galva Arts Council, PO Box 29, Galva, IL 61434. Please put “Levitt Grant” in the memo line. Donations also are accepted through Facebook (Galva Arts Council — Galva, Illinois) or through the Arts Council website, www.galvaartscouncil. org. The Galva Arts Council is a 501c3 nonprofit organization and donations are tax deductible.

Donations of any size are welcome and can be cash or in-kind. The Arts Council has several sponsorship levels ranging from $250 to $5,000-plus. Fundraising will also continue throughout the Levitt AMPGalva Music Series.

Here are several upcoming events being hosted by the Galva Arts Council:

Bishop Hill Bakery &Eatery Pizza Night

The Bishop Hill Bakery & Eatery staff will be hosting a Pizza Night Fundraiser on Saturday, Feb. 16.

The bakery will be selling 9-inch cheese or sausage focaccia pizzas for $15. A limited supply of 60 pizzas will be available. Pizzas will be delivered locally by request.

Place your order with the Bishop Hill Bakery & Eatery by calling (309) 927-3042. All proceeds benefit the music series.

Whiskey Tasting

Celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day Thursday, March 7, in a Curated Whiskey Tasting with whiskey historian Brian “Fox” Ellis.

The event will explore the whiskeys of Ireland and Scotland. Find the answers to — Why is there an ‘e’ in your whiskey? What is the argument for being well-aged? Single malt vs single grain? Pot still vs. column still? What difference does a barrel make?

Tickets are $35 and the event is limited to just 30 seats. Snacks and refreshments for designated drivers are available for $10.

Make reservations by email at or by calling (309) 696-1017.

Silent Auction

The Galva Arts Council will host a Silent Auction at 7 p.m. Saturday, March 9, during its annual St. Patrick’s Day Coffeehouse with Exorna.

To donate items for auction, email or call (563) 293-6986.