Initial artists for 2019 Levitt AMP Galva Music Series announced

Mike Landis, Editor
The Swedish quintet Jaerv is the first artist booked for this year's 10-week summer music series.

The first concert is still months away, but the lineup for the 2019 Levitt AMPGalva Music Series is already starting to take shape.

Organizers have announced the first two artists to perform at this year’s summer music series in Wiley Park — the award- winning Swedish quintet Jaerv and the Bluegrass and Hip-Hop group Gangstagrass.

Jaerv will perform June 23 and Gangstagrass is set for July 28.

John Taylor, leader of the Galva Music Series, said the plan is to announce one or two acts per week for the summer concerts and lead into the full reveal of the lineup in early April.

That’s a change in approach from last year’s reveal of all 10 concerts at one time. Taylor said the idea to announce artists on a weekly basis came by suggestion from Jason Bates.

“In a lot of different ways, it made sense to go that route,”Taylor said. “We’re probably going to try to do it this way in the future.”

“It helps keep some attention on the music series and remind people that we’re working on the lineup,”he added.

Several fundraising events are approaching — the Whiskey Tasting on March 7 and Silent Auction on March 9 in conjunction with the Galva Arts Council’s Coffeehouse — and Taylor said all facets of year two of the concert series are progressing nicely.

“I think we’re in good shape. Everything is coming together,”he said. “I’ve felt a little bit more prepared than I did last year.”

Here are the bios on the first two artist announcements:


Jaerv stands as the first artist booked for this year’s 10-week concert series. The quintet presents extroverted, vigorous and heartfelt folk music with influences from both jazz and pop music.

Together, the five members have created a homogeneous, vivid sound that has established Jaerv on the folk music scene as well as in many other forums.

Rooted in several different musical traditions, Jaerv offers a varied stage performance where vocal, five-voiced tunes blend in with energetic dances and free improvisations.

Jaerv is an internationally-known act and has toured the U.S., Japan, Spain, Scotland, Ireland, Finland and Norway among other countries.

Their discography includes Inrikes (2009), Vol 2 (2014) and the critically-acclaimed album Under den linden (2016). 

For more information, visit Jaerv’s website ( or find the group on YouTube (


A fusion of Bluegrass and Hip-Hop makes Gangstagrass as entertaining as they come.

The group was responsible for the title open of the show, "Justified" on the FX Network. That title song, "Long Hard Times To Come" was nominated for an Emmy Award in 2010.

Gangstagrass has toured internationally, blowing minds on main stages from SXSW to Grey Fox Bluegrass Festival.

For more information, visit Gangstagrass’s website ( or find the group on YouTube (

For the announcements

For information on the 10-week concert series and artist reveals, visit the Galva Arts Council website ( or the Levitt AMPGalva Music Series Facebook page.