Former candidate violated code of conduct

Staff Writer
Geneseo Republic

In the Henry County primary election, three candidates ran to be the Republican party candidate for sheriff. All three candidates were (and still are) deputies in the sheriff’s department—Dan Collier, Jim Padilla and Joe Bedford.

It was a very hotly contested race with all candidates campaigning hard to win the election.

In particular, Dan Collier expended many thousands of dollars on this election. He had several endorsements and almost everyone expected him to win. However, as often happens, he did not. Although thousands of votes were cast, Dan lost by 33 votes, a very bitter defeat for him.

Anticipating a very contested election, the Henry County Republican Central Committee asked the three candidates to sign an “Illinois Republican Party Code of Conduct” contract that committed each candidate to run a fair and honest campaign.

The three candidates each signed a contract at the Republican

Precinct Committee Meeting on June 29, 2009.

The contract had several clauses, some as listed:

• “If I am not successful in my candidacy, I will not actively, publicly or financially do anything that in any way will jeopardize the candidacy of the Republican nominee.”

• “I?will participate in unity events. I will endorse and support the ticket.”

• “I will at all times adhere to both the letter and the spirit of the law and this Code of Conduct.”

In May 2010, Dan committed his first violation of this contract by submitting a letter in all of the local newspapers whereby he endorsed the Democratic candidate, Tim Wise.

In several political events, he has stood by Tim Wise to publicly support him.

In his letter, Dan alluded to, “Stop the need for investigations, grievances, audits, civil law suits and financial waste.”?This statement I find to be reprehensible. None of these supposed allegations have ever been proven in a court of law. Also, if Dan truly believed that any of these allegations applied to Jim, he should have had the courage to accuse Jim during the primary. He did not.

I personally know Jim Padilla and Tim Wise and consider both to be honorable sheriff’s candidates. Jim is a dedicated deputy, an honest citizen and a very strong family man. He will be an outstanding sheriff, one who will serve Henry County well. He should be elected.

I do not understand Dan Collier’s stance regarding this race. I will have to say that the Republican voters made the right choice in electing Jim Padilla in the primary election since Dan Collier has shown that his word has no meaning.

Bill Preston, Henry County?Board Member and Geneseo 2, Precinct