Gustafson's book tells story of rock'n'roll brothers

Sandy Hull
Kevin Gustafson of Moline, formerly of Cambridge, is shown in his new digital recording studio. The studio opened Tuesday, July 6, and is in the basement of Gustafson’s home known as Kevin’s Heaven. He has been a recording artist since 1973 when he and his brother, Lonnie, were members of the band, Feelin’ Free.

    Kevin Gustafson of Moline, formerly of Cambridge, has just released a new CD book with pictures, “Faith and Feelin’ Free,” a true Cambridge story of rock and roll brothers.

    “This is a story about a big brother’s love for his little brother,” he said. “A dream we would play guitars together for the rest of our lives, living each day to the fullest and not wasting any time along the way. It’s a story about setting goals and reaching them each and every time. I have wanted to write this book for a long time and now I finally have had the time.”

    Gustafson, who had worked in the banking and finance world for 25 years, was one of the unfortunate people who lost his job in September of 2009 and hasn’t been able to find another suitable one.

    “The book will bring back a lot of memories for a lot of Cambridge people,” Gustafson said. “Names like Bryan Horberg, Tom Swan, Brad Clifford, Keith Wiley and others are included in the book. Each chapter is a different song title.”

    Gustafson always believed someone had a plan for him and he was just along for the ride.

    “Beside the book, which has been in the works for the last two years, I have opened a digital recording studio, ‘Gust Of Sun,’ in the basement of my house. The theme for the studio is, Driving Down the Road Listening to Your Own CD.”

    Gustafson’s new goal is to help other musicians experience that great feeling of accomplishment by listening to their own CD while driving down the road.

   The studio has been open about a week now according to Gustafson and he already has a couple of young musicians he is helping now cut their first demo tape with music they wrote.

    “I can't wait until they are driving home listening to their own rock and roll music,” he said. “It is an experience they will never forget and it never gets old.”

    Gustafson explained he has been a recording artist since 1973.

    "We started recording in our group, “Feelin’ Free” in the “Barn,” a recording studio," which Kevin and his brother, Lonnie, built just off Wolf Road in Geneseo. Lonnie now resides in Lexington, Ky. Their little brother, Marty of Sterling, was the sound and lights guy.

    “The late Jack Clifford actually helped me design the stage and sound booth,” he said. “When he saw what we were doing and how enthused we were, he even donated all the lumber.”

    Cambridge people who liked rock and roll used to flock to the “Barn” to listen to us according to Gustafson.

    The Beatles were the band that gave Kevin direction. After hearing them perform on the Ed Sullivan Show one day, Kevin told Lonnie this is what we are going to do.

    “It was a happening place with two television stations, WQAD Channel 8 Weekday Magazine and 4 Action News with Fran Riley, visiting the ‘Barn’ and recorded us live,” he said. “The memories. There is a video clip of the recording on myspace, “Feelin Free Revisited.”

    Over 250,000 people watched that Feelin’ Free performance on television, stated Gustafson.

    Feelin’ Free has played north of the Quad Cities at the Calamus Mountain Festival, east of the Quad Cities when having barn parties, south of the Quad Cities at the Tri-County Jam and west of the Quad Cities when the two brothers did a brother interview on a new Muscatine radio station, 99+ where they played several Feelin’ Free songs as well.

    Their music was also featured on the radio station, 97X and one of their songs, “Ain’t Got Time,” was featured on a 97X album.

    The Gustafson brothers reunited over the July 4 holiday weekend at a private lake near Port Byron and took out their guitars once again.

    “It was like stepping back in time,” he said. “We played together just like we use to. It is a magical time when we get together. Maybe it is because we were born on the exact same day three years apart.”

    Gustafson also has a Christian rock CD, Just Him and Me, available to the public. The CD features eight songs. He plays all the instruments on the CD along with the vocals.

    The brothers are back at it again, working on another CD, Songs of Hope, which is not available yet. The CD will feature nine songs.

    Feelin’ Free t-shirts are also available.

    A long term goal of Gustafson is to have a Feelin Free Foundation, a foundation which would help other people achieve their dreams and goals in life.

    Gustafson is a 1971 graduate of Cambridge High School and the son of Dee Morey  and John Robert and Catherine Gustafson, all of Cambridge.

Lonnie Gustafson, left, and his brother, Kevin Gustafson, perform back in the days of the "Barn” in Geneseo, off Wolf Road. The group Feelin Free turned an old barn into a recording studio. The stage and sound booth were designed by the late Jack Clifford.