Lights, camera, action

Amy Carton
D Squared Multimedia’s staff includes from left: Nate Johnson, Dalcon DeMaranville and Art Neuleib.

When the action begins on the field, the cameras start rolling for Dalcon DeMaranville and his staff at D2 Multimedia.

D2 (pronounced D-squared) Multimedia was started in 2007 by DeMaranville, who said the company is a lot different now from what it was just three years ago.

“When we started, we did graphic work and photo montages, but now we are doing video production (small and large scale), and we are starting to get into audio and Web design,” said DeMaranville.

D2 Multimedia is most visible during the school year when members of the staff shoot football and basketball games at Geneseo High?School.

“It all comes out of the football stuff,” said DeMaranville. “Being a former player, I always thought it would be cool to do a highlight reel. With the traditions the program has, I thought it would be a neat piece.”

With his idea in hand, DeMaranville contacted GHS athletic director Travis Mackey about his plans, and D2 is now preparing for its fourth season.

“We have come up with a neat partnership,” said DeMaranville. “Working with the school and the football program has been a whole lot of fun.”

During football games, both home and away, D2 has at least three cameras capturing the action from all angles, which creates 10 to 12 hours of footage, which gets broken down to two minutes for a weekly video.

D2 also recently created DVDs entitled “600” and “Creed: A Retrospective,” which debuted in March.

DeMaranville said what he enjoys most about his job is the people he gets to work with.

“Being involved with the program again on a level that is different than a player and showing up to practices and games, it is such a neat atmosphere,” he said. “Being able to push the technical envelope, presenting in Blue Ray is really, really cool.”

DeMaranville’s staff includes one full-time employee, Nate Johnson, and a part-time employee, Art Neuleib.

D2 doesn’t just focus on football. DeMaranville and his staff also create highlight reels for the basketball teams and have plans to cover the softball team next spring.

Outside of the sports arena, D2 Multimedia does work for area companies and recently completed a promotional video for Hammond-Henry Hospital. D2 are also about to release information on wedding videography.

DeMaranville said he took the long road to get to this point.

“My college degree is in engineering, and I worked in the field for a short time, but then packed up and moved to Nashville, Tenn. to pursue a career in music,” he said. “I made a living doing that before I had my accident. Then I moved back here. I created the logo and had the papers to create D2 in Tennessee, but decided to do it here.”

DeMaranville is self taught and said all his experience has been “on the fly.”

“We don’t settle for anything less than our best,” he said. “I made sure I surrounded myself with fully capable people, and we make sure everything is planned out and ready.

Even though we are newbies, what we come out with is solid and we are able to grow.”

Like every company, D2 has to fend off competitors when they expand into the Quad Cities, but DeMaranville has been able to find his niche here in Geneseo.

“Geneseo is a unique market because there are people who want things done,” said DeMaranville. “But we are still trying to get the word out that we are here. A lot of our business is word of mouth and it is working.”

D2 Multimedia also picked up a TV show on TV 50 entitled “Experiencing Victory” hosted by Martin Lipes of Victory Church of Christ.

As another football season is set to begin, the D2 staff are busy getting ready for the Green?Machine’s new season, plus working on the TV show, revamping the businesses’ Web site and breaking into audio production.

“We have a lot of things in the works right now,” said DeMaranville. “We want to keep up the momentum and branch out to see where things will go.”

DeMaranville hopes to eventually have office space instead of working out of his house and to keep expanding the business.

“I want to keep our four facets and continue to be video driven,” he said. “I want the community of Geneseo, but also the Quad Cities and surrounding communities to see that the things that they think are out of reach aren’t necessarily out of reach, and they can be done right here.

“We are built on integrity, quality, innovation and humility. As long as we keep that mentality we will be OK.”

To contact DeMaranville and D2 Multimedia, call (309) 714-1710, by e-mail at info@dsquaredmm.com or on the Web at www.dsquaredmm.com.