Honors handed out for photographic expressions

Doug Boock
Among those earning honors at this year’s Galva Arts Council Photo Show were (front) Ashlee Werkheiser of Kewanee; (second row, from left) Nancy Anderson of Galva; Alice Conner of Kewanee; (back, from left) Lou Lourdeau of Kewanee, Michelle Cheline of Galva and Jim King of Geneseo.

Winners in this year’s Galva Arts Council Photo Show were announced Saturday morning at the arts council building.

Organizer Roger Luft announced the winners, along with information about many of the photos. Trent Foltz of Geneseo, a professional photographer, judged the event. He was unable to attend the awards ceremony.

There were 93 entries in this year’s contest, none in the professional category.

The 2010 photo show’s theme will be “National Parks and Historic Sites.”

Winners in this year’s show were:

Children’s Category

First Place - Sophia Best, East Moline (“Basement Buttons”)

Second Place - Diana Satkauskas, Kewanee (“Don’t Look Down”)

Third Place - Ashlee Werkheiser, Kewanee (“Butterfly”)

Honorable Mention - Ashlee Werkheiser (won three honorable mentions)

Beginner Category

First Place - Ginnie Gartin, Galva (“Remembering”)

Second Place - Natalie Maxwell-McDonald, Muscatine, Iowa (“Succulent Trio”)

Third Place - Michelle Cheline, Galva (“County Line View”)

Honorable Mention - Jim King, Geneseo (two honorable mentions); Michelle Cheline, Galva

Advanced Category

First Place - Dr. Remi Satkauskas, Kewanee (“Modern Serenity”)

Second Place - Lou Lourdeau, Kewanee (“Fisherman Silhouette”)

Third Place - Nancy Anderson, Galva (“Spring at Last”)

Honorable Mentions - Rita Burrows, Galva; Alice Conner, Kewanee; Carolyn Ahlgrim, Galva

Theme Category

First Place - Natalie Maxwell-McDonald, Muscatine, Iowa (“Weathered”)

Second Place - Kristin Fuller, Kewanee (“Cleaning Person Needed”)

Third Place - Michelle Best, East Moline (“Breakfast Window”)

Honorable Mention - Rose Humphrey, Galva; Lou Lourdeau, Kewanee; Michelle Cheline, Galva