Q & A with . . . Bobby Leemans

Staff Writer
Geneseo Republic
Bobby Leemans of Galva, a physical therapist and outdoors hobbyist, is featured in "Q & A with . . ." in the July 23 Galva News.

Name: Bobby Leemans

Age: 46

Occupation: physical therapist assistant

Has resided in Galva since: 2003

Favorite Book: my Cabela’s Fall hunting guide

If I were to live anywhere else, I’d choose: The Rocky Mountains . . . Great views, fresh air, and the views change with the shadows throughout the day.

If I had one day to live any way I wished, I would: spend the day relaxing with the family, watching my kids having fun.

People might be surprised to learn that: my nickname is Dirtbag ... it’s a long story.

If I could have my “dream” job, it would be: Exactly what I’m doing now! I have a great job, a great boss and co-workers!