Q & A with . . . Linda Bell

Staff Writer
Geneseo Republic
Linda Bell, a free-lance writer, is the featured person in "Q & A with . . ." in the July 30 Galva News.

Name: Linda Bell

Age: 57

Occupation: freelance writer (35 years) and library assistant at the Galesburg Public Library (16 years)

Has resided: in rural Oneida most of her life, including 1960-73 and the past 34 years.

Favorite Music: Country and Gospel, but not all Country and not all Gospel

If I were to live anywhere else, I’d choose: close enough to Oneida to be connected to city water and sewer because as I get older, I seem to be more impatient with interruptions to those services! (And with interruptions in our electrical service, but that happens in town also!)

People might be surprised to learn that I: have 37 first cousins (plus two deceased) whose birthday dates I mostly can recite and that I used to think I would like to have a family of 21 children like those pictured in the Maytag magazine ads! (“This Maytag washer has lasted through the Smith family’s 21 children . . .”)