BH couple comes alongside clock tower, urges others to do so

Staff Writer
Geneseo Republic
Henry County Board member Jim King (center) accepts a donation from Marilyn and Wilbur Nelson for the Henry County Courthouse Clock Tower.

On Aug. 9, Henry County Board member Jim King accepted a very generous donation to the Henry County Courthouse Clock Tower Fund made by Wilbur and Marilyn Nelson of Bishop Hill.

The couple donated the money on behalf of Nelson Farm Service and The Village Smithy, both owned and operated by the Nelsons.

“I feel that the Henry County Courthouse is one of the most outstanding courthouses in Illinois,” Wilbur Nelson said.

He believes very strongly that the courthouse should be preserved and that’s why the couple is taking steps forward to make a contribution to the clock tower.

“I, too, think it is important to preserve the courthouse, as it is our history and heritage and it will be gone if we don’t take care of it,” Marilyn Nelson said.

The Nelsons would like to see others make a donation towards the fund in any amount.