Q & A with . . . Vicki Conner

Staff Writer
Geneseo Republic
Galva Junior-Senior High School Counselor Vicki Conner is featured in "Q & A with . . ." in the Oct. 22 Galva News.

Name: Vicki Conner

Age: 40 (It hasn’t felt like the new 30 yet!)

Favorite Music: That’s a hard one . . . but No. 1 has to be anything ELVIS!

If I were to live anywhere else, I’d choose: I love Galva, but let’s face it, if I could live where a winter coat and snow shovel were not necessary . . . sign me up!

If I had one day to live any way I wished, I would: have a huge celebration . . . all of my family and friends . . . we would sing, dance, play games and enjoy nature and each other.

A philosophy I try to live by is: Count your blessings and not your sorrows.

I admire people who: Don’t give up! If you want something bad enough, you will find a way.

People might be surprised to learn that I: owned a motorcycle, drive a motorhome and worked for Mickey Mouse.