Q & A with . . . Mike Miller

Staff Writer
Geneseo Republic
Mike Miller, pastor of Trinity Baptist Church in Galva, is featured in "Q & A with . . ." in the March 11 Galva News.

Name: Michael Miller

Age: 56

Favorite Movies: Hoosiers, Facing the Giants, Star Wars

Favorite Sports Teams: University of Illinois Basketball, Tennessee Titans

One of my cherished childhood memories is: farming with my grandpa Miller. I was six years old and had gone to the farm near Winchester. Grandpa Miller let me drive the tractor. We went down the row and the seat would bounce. It wasn’t a very straight planting job, but it was mine. Every time I would go to the farm over the summer, I had to go check out my corn.

I admire people who: love Jesus and are not afraid to share His love.

People might be surprised to learn that I: was once the youngest school bus driver in the state of Missouri

If I could have my “dream” job, it would be: doing what I am doing now. I get to teach and preach. I get to help people get prepared for this life and eternity.