Henry County Fair not popular, gas prices a mixed bag - Galva News polls

Doug Boock

The Henry County Fair has a long, rich history. But most respondents to a Galva News poll say they never attend the fair.

Sixty-two percent of respondents to the poll, which ended at on June 29, said they never attend the Henry County Fair, which returned to Cambridge last week. Twenty-five percent of voters said they rarely attend the fair, and only 12 percent say they attend it annually.

In another poll – which ended on June 22 – response was mixed regarding a question about high gasoline prices affecting people’s travel plans this summer. Eighty percent – 40 percent each – of respondents said gas prices are a) causing them to skip summer vacations this year or b) to not cause them to avoid taking a long-distance summer vacation.

Twenty percent of respondents said they are planning to travel a much shorter distance than normal this summer for vacation, due to gas prices.  

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