Galva Arts Council event fully bloomed

Doug Boock
Galva Arts Council board members Laura Nordstrom (left) and Dee Bersell stand Saturday with an entry in this year’s “Spring in Bloom” at the GAC. The event, featuring spring items decorated by area residents, closed Saturday.

Nearly 60 people turned out Saturday to enjoy closing festivities for this year’s “Spring in Bloom” event hosted by the Galva Arts Council.

The group, which enjoyed a luncheon of chicken salad and ham sandwiches, many salads and an array of desserts, stayed around for announcement of winners of this year’s entries in the event. Bird houses, wreaths, flower pots and other spring items smartly and creatively decorated by area residents were given to people who had their names drawn from a hat.

A watering can decorated by Michelle Cheline collected the most votes. Erin Spivey won it in the drawing.

Anne Kaiser’s wreath drew the second most votes. Deb Tingleaf was its winner.

Paula Luft’s watering can received the third most votes. Dee Bersell won it.

Other decorators, their entry and the person who won their entry were:

Carlee Hawkins (clay pot) – won by Joyce Tarleton

Margo McCurdy (birdhouse) – won by Diana Whitney

Nancy Anderson (watering can) – won by Connie Anderson

Megan Nordstrom (clay pot) – won by Nancy Nordstrom

Nancy Shambaugh (birdhouse) – won by Shannon Murray

Deb Miles (wreath) – won by Geri Bloomberg

Emily Stahl (clay pot) – won by Julie Appell

Nancy Shambaugh (birdhouse) – won by Larry Cheline

Abby Segura (butterfly chandelier) – won by Carlee Hawkins

Dee Bersell (clay pot) – won by Anne Kaiser

Linda Simmons (straw hat) – won by Teri Campbell

Kelsi Dehler (watering can) – won by Marcy Misch

Don Mitten (birdhouse) – won by Nancy Turner

Laura Nordstrom (birdhouse) – won by Sarah Kaiser

Patty Collinson (clay pot) – won by Gretchen Hickman